Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Supported.
Know That You're Valued.

The Social Ratio is committed to providing professional ethical services as together we explore various options and possibilities for you to make informed choices and live your best life!

Servicing the western suburbs of Melbourne *NO transport costs except tolls and parking* We come to you!

Women's Program
Supporting Women Wholistically Inspiring Reimagined Lives

NDIS participants:
~ Social Work
~ Psychosocial Recovery Coach

General public:
~ Social Work

Everyone is unique which means services and supports are tailored to you.

Explore and discover options to work through difficulties or concerns to achieve your goals.

* Work through the maze of systemic barriers and know you have choices to support you along your journey.

* Maintain your connection with culture, spirituality, values and identity.

* Better manage life experiences and take control.

* Take action where it’s needed to alleviate stressors while becoming more resilient and autonomous within chosen areas of your life.

Know that you have the right to respectful and ethical supports. Live your life with purpose!


Walking alongside adults to live a life with meaning and choice.

Supporting adults with what they are experiencing now to take action and live a better life.

The Social Ratio is designed to become a key part of your support team by creating authentic connections and holding a safe space for you to

BE SEEN… seeing you as your unique self by acknowledging your needs, emotions and respecting your self-determination.

BE HEARD… really hearing what you have to say by actively listening to your story, goals, concerns and anything in between.

BE SUPPORTED… to enhance your physical well-being and mental health, explore options, make informed decisions and celebrate the steps you take towards your goals.

Using evidence-based practice, with a good dose of creativity and humour, you can become empowered to live life with more purpose and continue to be the expert in your own life!

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